Why a blog for MX Moms?

Good question!  But then again, I felt all my questions were good and that’s why I chose to write a blog.  Am I an expert when it comes to motocross? Not even close!  I am however, an expert when it comes to my child as most moms believe they are.  So in 2015 when my son decided he wanted to race motocross, I began an onslaught of research.  I wanted to know who could teach/train him, what was the safest gear, where do we take hime to race, how do we get sponsors, and so much more.  While trying to find this information, I realized that the majority of motocross information out there is geared towards men.  Nothing wrong with that as my husband is my sons mechanic and track side support, but I wasn’t finding the answers to my questions.

That brings us to MXMoms.com.  In this blog I hope to help all other MX Moms answer the questions that I have and any others I haven’t already thought of.  I will do the research for you and together we can keep our motocross racers safe and prepared for this exciting sport!