Are you Superstitious?


Did anyone notice that Ken Roczen came out for Anaheim II 2018  in similar Shift yellow gear that he wore during Anaheim II 2017 for the 1st of his 3 motos?  Then he changed into to some fresh 2018 Fox gear.  Did you think it was odd? Ken said he wanted to prove that he wasn’t superstitious and that he could put a “close” to his injury and move forward.   But is this superstitious?  Are all racing rituals superstitious?  Do you have to wear the same socks at every race, or do a specific routine on your way to the line?  Say the same thing to your kid?

I will say that I love watching the kids line up on the gate and seeing their routines.  Some pray, some sing, some fist pump; whatever it is that they do, it settles their mind and gets them focused.  I also notice parents/coaches have their own habits/rituals.  They pack the gate a specific way, say the same thing to their rider, give the same pep talk, same head pat, back pat, pat on the bum, kiss the helmet….and so on.  And let’s not forget our parents waiting anxiously on the sidelines. I, myself, say the same prayer before every race.  I tried not doing it a few times, but I just couldn’t not do it.

But is that superstition?  What will happen is we don’t do it?  Will it really change the outcome of the race? I see my son put his head down before every race and I know this is his routine.  What is he doing, thinking, praying? I have no idea and I won’t ask.  This is his personal moment before he goes out and races and I just feel better knowing he has this time, this moment, as I have mine.  As for the same socks….eventually they are going to get old and worn.

Whether or not you believe in superstition,  having a ritual or habitat that makes you feel more at ease before an adrenaline filled event, then so be it.  Please share some of your rituals with us?


Photo creds: Transworld Motocross 1/22/18


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