How to deal with a child who is injured and can’t ride!?

So as I begin this blog, my son is currently recuperating from shoulder surgery.  He had dislocated his shoulder in May of 2017 and it continued to happen 2 more times.  I plan to discuss shoulder injuries and surgeries in a future post, but now I want to focus on what do you do with your children when they can not ride and that is ALL they want to do???

My son does not have many other hobbies other than racing and riding.  He will need to stay off the bike for 5-6 months.  This is not only torture to him, but it also torture for our entire family.  So what or how do you keep your sanity as a motocross family when your rider is temporarily off the bike?

I haven’t found the answer yet, but I’m hoping some of you may have some suggestions.  As of now we are still only 2 weeks post-op so we aren’t able to do too much yet.  My plan is to continue training off the bike so his fitness doesn’t dissipate completely.  He has a road bike and indoor trainer so we will start with that along with his physical therapy.  But what fun is that?  Apparently that is more a of a chore than anything so I am trying to accumulate ways to keep him involved in the sport as he recovers.  Here is what I’ve come up with but PLEASE share your suggestions in the comments as well!

1- Volunteer at a track.  If weather permits riding then let them get involved on the other side of the track for a bit!

2- Help other racer/friends with their training.  Not only can they help other riders by pointing out tricks and techniques they’ve already learned, they may also learn a new thing themselves!

3- Keep up to date with all motocross races in our country and abroad.  This can include Supercross and Arenacross as well. (As a matter of fact I would encourage your rider to explore all aspects of dirt bikes, from Freestyle to Enduro cross.)

4- Research! Let them read all the current magazines, blogs, posts, etc to keep informed.

5- Design their own!  Let them get artsy and design their own graphics, gear, helmet and track.  Hey, if they are good, perhaps they can eventually turn it into a career!

Any other suggestions?? I am open.  We have 4.5 more months at least.

From one moto mom to another~ Jackie

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